Top 7 Job Ideas for Barack Obama

Top 7 Job Ideas for Barack Obama

If he loses, he can run again in four years (having only served one term), so he’ll definitely be keeping an eye on increasing his approval rating with key demographics.

Known for his smarts, humor and charm, Obama has many promising career options outside the White House:

Career Option 1: Sleepy Time Tea Magnate


Given his misstep during the first debate, some speculated that Obama had imbibed too much cough medicine that night or was thrown by the high altitude. Those closest to him know better – his penchant for Sleepy Time Tea threw off his game. But where one door closes another opens – presenting Barack Obama’s Presidential Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea.

Career Option 2: Stand-Up Comedian

Obama’s sense of humor is well known. He has delivered rip-roaring performances at the White House Correspondents dinners and killed on late-night TV. Free of the presidential handcuffs limiting his speech, Obama can now reel off his favorite Biden jokes.

Career Option 3: Head of Kenyan Tourism Board

Kenyan Tourism Board Obama

The Far Right has for years been saying that Obama was born in Kenya. Why not help his “native homeland” by angling for a cushy tourism board job?

Career Option 4: Mr. Mom

After 4 tough years in he Oval Office, it might be time to change gears and let Michelle bring home the bacon. He can fill his calendar with soccer games, book clubs and of course, gourmet cooking.

Career Option 5: Reality TV Star


The first stop on Obama’s reality TV tour would have to be The Celebrity Apprentice. Obama could parlay his Harvard Law degree and administrative acumen to win every challenge. Then again, he might be hindered by Trump’s constant pestering for his birth certificate and college applications. Or he might get into a knock-down, drag-out fight with Meatloaf and get replaced with an empty chair.

Career Option 6: Sexy Vampire

What better way to position himself with the young female voters than appealing to current 14 and 15 year-olds? In 4 years they’ll all be of voting age, and he’ll have locked up a key demo with his sparkly good looks.

Career Option 7: K-Pop Star

Gangnam Stye Obama

Granted, Obama is not Korean, but he’s got enough going for him to overcome that kind of adversity. He became America’s first black president, now he can become America’s first K-Pop star.