Top 10: Career Strategy tips

Top 10: Career Strategy tips

Top 10 Career Strategy Tips

Whether you are employed or self-employed, below are 10 things to help you in your career:
1. Make time to understand what motivates your boss or your clients.

2. Give more than expected - go that extra mile and add more value.

3. Make time to network and build stronger relationships with those you work with.

4. Invest in your own development; reading, researching and skills-swaps are cost effective alternatives to expensive training courses.

5. Have a clear vision for your career progression and be flexible how you get there.

6. Play to your strengths - how can you utilise what you are great at to address the challenges of your employer or clients?

7. Be creative - think outside the box.

8. Don't cruise or be complacent - look at your blind spots to come through difficult times stronger.

9. Be proactive - people want solutions not problems and a 'can do' positive and flexible attitude.

10. Make time for self-promotion.