The salary story

The salary story

According to the 2013 Computerworld Salary Survey, technology professionals are starting to feel more positive about their chosen profession, with moneymaking on the rise and jobs becoming more available.


38% of the 4,251 people who participated in this year’s survey are optimistic about their career path in IT and their potential salary advancement in the future, compared to the 29% who felt the same way last year. This change in attitude has been put down to modest pay increases over the past three years within the industry, with salaries rising on average 2.3% and bonuses across all job titles rising a gentle 0.9%. The tailing off of budget cuts, layoffs, cancelled projects, and hiring freezes is also perceived as another factor.

To add to this general feeling of positivity, a healthy 57% of the respondents received a raise this year - no wonder they’re feeling happier!

Generally, things are looking up due to an increased demand for IT professionals in the job market and it is predicted that the number of computing jobs will hit 150,000 each year for the next eight years - a sizeable enough figure to strike hope into the most disillusioned hearts of the unemployed in the UK.

And, at last, there is an impetus on employers to provide greater perks than recent, stingier years have allowed, such as flexible hours and working from home; in order to secure talented employees.

People with expertise in Android Development, iOS, Java, and agile development are particularly high in demand.

Similarly, employers are now looking for candidates with specific qualifications such as Cisco networking certifications, Oracle development experience, firewalls and other enterprise security specialties.

That being said, employees with multiple skill sets are still obtaining jobs over their competitors, as employers attempt to squeeze as much out of their investments as possible.

Put simply, a senior-level person who is capable of wearing several hats all at once is seen as a generous investment in the current climate, so it’s advisable to always improve your skillset through certification.

So at the end of this salary story, companies are finally able to start tentatively matching salary growth with their business growth.

And for those in the IT industry, technology roles will continue to develop and become more in-demand as more and more advancement is made. It’s just about keeping up.

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