Sales Jobs Interview Preparation

Sales Jobs Interview Preparation

Tips for Sales Interview Preparation

Sales can be one of the most profitable jobs available, with tremendous growth potential and the ability to boost a company’s revenue dramatically. That makes sales an integral part of the success of a company, and one that requires the company to find only the sales staff that will help them grow.

You need to show the employer that you represent the solution to their needs. To do so effectively, you must prepare for the interview. Only by showing up prepared will you win over employers and land the position.

Research the Company

It is always a good idea to research the company interviewing you. In sales, it is a necessity. The more you know about their products and services, the better. The company is going to ask you a variety of questions that judge your suitability for the sales role, and the more proof you have that you understand and recognize what the company offers, the more confident they will be that you can explain their product to potential clients.

Study the Target Market

Once you know what the company offers, the next step is to understand who their customers are.

After you understand the target market, you should think about how to sell to that market. Sales is a constantly evolving practice. You should know the best ways to target potential clients, their objections, how to address them, etc.

Review Your Sales Strengths

You will also need to easily refer to stats and figures that relay your sales strengths. Many of these will be on your resume, so make sure you have your resume memorized. However, if you have additional data you can point to about your contributions to previous companies, memorize them and practice bringing them up in conversation.

Review Your Sales Weaknesses

Knowing how to address your weaknesses is as important as knowing your strengths. Go through your work history and list areas that may create doubt in the interviewers mind. Once you have a list, figure out ways to address those weaknesses to convince the interviewer that, despite that apparent shortcoming, you still represent a solution to the company.

Be Ready to Prove Yourself

Practice answering questions about how to handle various parts of the sales process. Ask yourself common sales interview questions, such as:

  • How do you handle an objection?
  • How do you handle rejection?

These questions all address various parts of the sales process that you will encounter. One of the most common requests at sales job interviews is, “Sell me this pen.” You need to practice focusing on the benefits of products, showing how it is a solution to their needs and managing any issues that come up within sales. If you can practice addressing those needs, you will effectively show the interviewer your skills as a salesperson.