Sales Jobs Interview Information

Sales Jobs Interview Information

Sales Interview Information – Tips and Tricks

What makes someone good at sales? One might say it is product knowledge, intelligence, or hard work. Although all of those are useful, they are not what makes someone good at sales. True sales people have a personality that is easily recognizable. To be effective in sales, you must be:

  • Outgoing and friendly.
  • Able to pick up on minor changes in behavior.
  • Adaptable.

You must be able to use nothing but your words to convince prospects that they need your solution. You need to display an understanding of people, needs, emotions and behaviors to effectively convince others that they need your products and services – that they need your company’s business.

Winning Over the Interviewers

An interview is a sales opportunity. It is a chance to sell YOU – a product that represents the solution to the company’s needs. You will meet with specific interviewers, each one representing a prospect you need to win over, until you can close the sale and get the job.

Your Sales Personality

The most important part of the interview is showing the interviewers that you have the personality necessary to close deals.  To do this effectively, you must:

  • Be Outgoing – Introduce yourself to everyone that walks into the room, even if they are simply there to drop off paperwork for your employer. Take the lead – introduce yourself first, give your name and ask for theirs.
  • Make Eye Contact – You cannot be shy in sales. You will need to make cold calls, meet with strangers, give your business card at gatherings, and more. Making eye contact shows confidence, and confidence is a requirement of sales.
  • Address Perceived Doubts – Sales requires the ability to pick up on small behaviors. When you sense doubts about something, address them. Your ability to remove doubts is both part of the sales process and part of the interview.
  • Be Flexible – Flexibility is also a large part of sales. Be willing to take a few hits to your pride if it helps your interviewer realize they have the right person for the job. Remember, in sales the ultimate goal is to close the deal. How you get there is less important.

Show You Understand the Process

As mentioned above, the key to success in a sales interview is to sell yourself by showing that you have the personality and characteristics necessary to win over the business of others. The “Sales Personality” is easily the most important requirement of a good salesman.

But if you want to improve your chances of impressing the interviewers, it is also a good idea to show that you recognize the business aspect of sales as well. Personality is only half of what makes a great sales team member.

During your interview, show evidence that you understand the sales process by highlighting your abilities with:

  • Initial Contact and Utilizing Sales Leads
  • Identifying Client Needs, Turning Them into Prospects
  • Proposals, Negotiation
  • When to Move On
  • Closing the Sale

Be ready to use examples of each of the above steps to show the employer that you have the sales experience and know how to go along with your personality.

Combining Personality and Process

If you can convince the employer that you have the sales personality and the knowhow to maneuver through the sales process, you are virtually guaranteed to win the position.