Marketing Jobs Interview Preparation

Marketing Jobs Interview Preparation

Strategies for Preparing for Marketing Jobs

Marketing is a cutthroat career. As the heart and soul of a company, marketing is a combination of big, outside the box ideas and well known successful strategies. To succeed in marketing, you need to possess both creativity and knowledge of the field, which is why the two combined are constantly being tested at marketing job interviews.

Marketing Jobs Preparation Strategy

To impress employers you need to exceed their expectations. The best way to do so is with preparation. Your job interview is your chance to showcase how you can bring business to the company, and with the right preparation you can easily do so.

The first way to prepare is to get to know the marketing strategies already employed by the company. Start by researching the strategies already in place. Check out their online marketing presence especially, as that is one of the areas that many companies are lacking.

  • Check PPC ads to make sure they show up on the front page.
  • Check social media sites to see if they have a presence.
  • Check to see if their website ranks well for relevant searches.
  • Check their website to see what other advertising methods they appear to use.

Knowledge of their marketing strategies shows employers that you took the time to research their strengths as well as their needs.

Come Up With a Plan

If you can spot weaknesses in their marketing strategies, try coming up with unique ways to help grow their business. You can intersperse these ideas into the conversation, which will help give the impression that you are a person with big ideas who can easily market the products and services and launch successful marketing campaigns.

Find Proof of Your Marketing Success

Employers also like to see proof of success. The more you can point to specific data or highlight specific strategies, the more likely the company can expect the same outcome from you. That is why it is a good idea to memorize relevant marketing statistics that demonstrate the success you have had with your previous campaigns (such as “improved search volume by 475%,” etc.).

However, telling employers what you accomplished is only the second best option. You will vastly increase your chances if you can create a marketing portfolio that will show employers exactly what you achieved at your previous position, complete with picture examples, charts, numbers, mapped out strategies and other documents that show these companies what to expect if they hire you.

It is also a good idea to memorize and document the types of strategies you implemented at your previous positions, and how you changed the strategies already in place. All of this interview preparation will help you impress the interviewers.

Using This Preparation at the Interview

At your marketing interview, you will have a chance to share your portfolio when your employer asks you about your qualifications and achievements. You should be willing to share these stats freely. Be ready to discuss your role in the success of previous campaigns.   When discussing the company’s marketing strategies, remember that some of your interviewers may have been involved in the previous marketing strategies, so when/if you suggest new methods of marketing, it is important that you do not belittle the previous marketing programs already in place.