Marketing Jobs  Interview Information

Marketing Jobs Interview Information

To be successful as a marketer, you must be naturally attuned to human behavior. You need to have the ability to influence large numbers of people using tools available to everyone, and you must be able to find new and inventive ways to bring in a large number of potential targets and get them interested in the products and services your company offers.

At a marketing interview, employers are going to be looking for your marketing strengths listed above. They are going to be looking at your character as much as your achievements, because marketers will have those aspects of their personality (an understanding of people, the ability to influence, etc.). Here are several things to be aware of during your interview.

Be Personable and Likeable

Shy, unpleasant people do not succeed in the marketing industry. You cannot show employers that you have the ability to influence human behaviors if you are unable to influence them, and if you are at all short tempered, tense, angry or otherwise disagreeable, you are not going to be able to show employers that you have what it takes to relate to people.

Show Your Willingness to Adapt

Marketers need to be able to adapt to market changes. A strategy that works one day may not work the next. There are two ways to show this in an interview:

  • Always listen to an incorporate any ideas suggested by your interviewer, bringing in their strategies and combining them or associating them with your own.
  • Use examples of times that you have adapted in the past, discussing when a strategy failed and what you did to overcome the changes.

The second example will require some preparation. You may be asked questions about past strategies that have not worked, and those will give you the opportunity to mention what you did to change it. Also, in the marketing interview, whenever an interviewer listens to your ideas and amends it with their own, you should accept the idea as a good one and not disagree with it, even if you have a good reason to.

Remain Positive and Smile

When you market any product or service, you have to make it appear as though it is the greatest solution in the world – one that will solve the consumer needs or problems. A key component in that is positivity. Your interview should be riddled with positivity, showing the employer that you have what it takes to make anything sound great.

Utilize Marketing Terminology

Finally, it is a good idea to brush up on your marketing terminology. Marketers like to feel as though you are “one of them” and the more terminology you use, the more they accept you into their group. Similarly, interviewers that do not work in marketing like to believe that you have strategies you can implement that they could not come up with themselves. Using marketing terminology is a great way to achieve that goal.

Overall, interviews for marketing jobs are looking at your character as much as they are looking at your achievements. Use the strategies above to improve your chances of having a successful interview.