Marketing Director Skills

Marketing Director Skills

What is a Marketing Director? The marketing director is perhaps one of the most important roles in any organisation. The key aspect of their role is to understand the custom base and devise strategies to ensure that products reach customers in the most efficient manner. In the role, you’ll be analysing the market, communications and working closely with sales.

Why should a business have a Marketing Director? Quite simply in a Marketing Director, you should have someone who is experienced in setting up successful marketing strategies, vital for engaging the right customers with your products. Marketing Directors are an important aspect of every job sector. Each sector is different, and the Marketing Director should devise a strategy that is bespoke for every business they work for.

Marketing Director Day to Day Job Role

Once a week, communication with the other board members is important to keep track of company performance. The Marketing Director may spend a lot of their daily time out with clients, distribution agents and other stakeholders to understand the marketplace. Time also may be devoted to conferences and networking to keep up to speed with industry developments. Back in the office, the Marketing Director will usually have responsibility for a marketing team which might also include sales and web functions.

8 Responsibilities of a Marketing Director

  1. Strategy Setting The Marketing Director is responsible for setting the marketing strategy of the company, both short and long term.
  2. Recruitment to deliver the strategy it's vital that a team is recruited to achieve the goals.
  3. Communication The Marketing Director has responsibility for ensuring that marketing goals are communicated across the team.
  4. New Product Launch New products will be a key factor of the Marketing Directors performance. Their success will be the Marketing Directors’ success.
  5. Networking It will be vital for the Marketing Director to represent the organisations out in the community at a variety of networking events and conferences.
  6. Leadership The marketing team will perform against the leadership standards set by the director.
  7. Ideation, An element of creativity, is vital for a Marketing Director to come up with new marketing strategies for the marketplace.
  8. Performance Management With success derived from the teams’ performance it may mean that the Marketing Director has to take responsibility for any underperformance.

8 Skills of a Marketing Director

  1. Strategic Thinking One of the key responsibilities is to set the strategic direction of marketing activities so the Marketing Director must be experienced in thinking strategically.
  2. Leadership With a large team of marketing staff in the department it's vital that the Marketing Director shows leadership capability.
  3. Communication Being able to clearly put across ideas, and remaining visible for the department and board is vital for a Marketing Director.
  4. Change Management We live in a world where change is frequent and uncertain; a Marketing Director must be able to adapt to this.
  5. Calm Under Pressure Changes bring about their pressures. In a performance driven sector it's integral that a marketing leader can keep their focus, especially in times of challenge.
  6. Results Driven The performance of a Marketing Director will be judged by the sales of the company, so a focus on results is necessary.
  7. Technical Knowledge Understanding how technology is shaping the world around us is integral for a Marketing Director in the modern commercial environment.
  8. Innovative A successful company will develop a culture of innovation and nowhere is this more apparent than marketing, especially when it comes to getting products to market.

8 Challenges of a Marketing Director

There are many different challenges that a Marketing Director will face in the role and no two days will be the same. The types of challenge might include:

  1. New Product Launches
  2. Changing Consumer Habits
  3. Technology
  4. People management
  5. Recruitment
  6. Board management
  7. Competition
  8. Keeping Personally Motivated

8 Types Of Projects Marketing Directors Work On

The great thing about the Marketing Director role is the different projects you’ll get to work on. These might include:

  1. New product launches
  2. Social Media Campaigns
  3. Website Management
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Brand Analysis
  6. Staffing Projects
  7. Print/Offline Campaigns
  8. Recruitment

Marketing Director Salary Expectations and Promotion

The prospects for a Marketing Director are exceptional. Many people believe that Marketing Directors are the natural successor for Managing Directors. Typically, in a growing SME salaries for a Marketing Director would be more than £50k per annum. In Blue Chip companies salary packages could be more than six figures.

4 Ways a Marketing Director should Present their Skills at an Interview

  1. Answers Ensure you’ve prepared thorough answers to interview questions using the STAR model, which is, exampling the Situation, the Task completed, the Action which was taken and the Result)
  2. Presentations Deliver a presentation that allows you to showcase your biggest achievements effectively and types of successful projects in your portfolio.
  3. Evidence Bring along proof of results from previous campaigns and product launches where you’ve played a significant role.
  4. Testimonials References and testimonials from well-known colleagues and customers could prove vital.