Management Jobs Interview Preparation

Management Jobs Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation for Management Jobs

Good management is the backbone of a successful company. Management makes sure all of the parts flow together seamlessly, and that employees are kept happy, content, and working efficiently towards and achievable goal.

Management job interviews are designed to select those who have the skills required to be a successful manager. Unlike entry level positions, there is very little leeway to make mistakes at a management interview, because these companies are looking to find someone who is perfect for the position. That is why preparation is crucial for your interview success.

Practice Answering Common Questions

It is very important that you practice answering common management interview questions. Your ability to answer these questions honestly and eloquently plays a major role in landing the position.

In addition, with management interviews specifically, there are going to be many questions about various scenarios from your past jobs. You do not want to pause for minutes on end trying to come up with a suitable answer for these scenarios, nor do you want to start answering the question only to realize that you are sharing an example that either does not reflect well on your management style or does not answer the question.

Make sure you practice answering interview questions thoroughly to avoid any mishaps.

Bring Copies of Your Resume/Documents

Management is also about being prepared. Bring clean copies of your resume to your interview, and any documents that support your candidacy (charts, legal documents, and papers that you have crafted that exemplify your abilities), and make sure that you bring several copies, enough for everyone who may be at the interview. It is better to have too many than too few. Coming prepared with your resume and paperwork is a great way to make a positive impression, but coming ill prepared for the number of people you will be meeting with is a great way to ruin that impression.

Be Informed About the Company

Your goal during the interview will be for your interviewers to view you as someone who can easily fit into a leadership role within their company. You need to make sure that everything you do is tailored towards making your interviewers see you in that role.

That is why it is vital that you research the company inside and out, so that you can easily discuss your role without the need to clarify what it is your position will entail. The more you know about the company, the more you can focus on the tasks you will undertake, rather than what it is the company does.

Come Up With Questions

Applicants applying for management jobs know that they have the skills that many organizations can appreciate. These are not entry level positions – these are positions of leadership, and an acknowledgement of your skills and experience.

In an ideal economy (one where jobs are readily available), you would be interviewing the employer just as the employer is interviewing you. Interviewers expect you to ask questions, and it is important that you ask many questions throughout the interview. Make sure your questions are useful and interesting, such as:

  • What would you consider the primary management style of the office?
  • How is your employee retention?
  • How would you describe the efficiency of the office with the management tactics already in place?


These questions are about management, and a need to know for you to do your job effectively. These questions reflect well on you, give you a chance to learn about the company, and show that you have a genuine interest in the inner workings of the company.

Make Use of Management Interview Preparation

Implementing these management interview preparation strategies is crucial to your interview success. Make sure that you prepare thoroughly days in advance of the interview, because the more you prepare, the better your chances will be.