How to Interview

How to Interview

How to Interview Successfully Every Time

An employer has seen your resume. They have read your cover letter. They have compared you with other applicants and they have decided that, based on your qualifications, you are worthy of being one of the select few that they will meet for the interview.

Your next step is to wow them in the interview – make them know that you are the one they need for the role. Interviewing is an art form. There are those who interview well and those who fail despite their qualifications. Learning these interview strategies and you will be among those who interview well.

Prepare for the Interview

Never go to the interview empty handed. Interview preparation is vital for a successful interview. Employers will ask you questions about their company, and if you show up mystified, you are guaranteed to leave a negative impression.

Presenting Yourself

Interviews are about presentation. Interview questions and answers certainly play a role. Equally important are your own personality, and how you communicate with the interviewers will affect their decision almost as much (if not more so) than the answers themselves.

  • Dress Well – You should dress in a nice suit or dress that is not too stylish. You only have the opportunity to make a first impression once. No matter how casual the workplace, show up dressed nicely for the interview.
  • Be Actively Engaging – Every time someone walks in the room to talk to you, be the one to make the introduction. Introduce yourself, ask for their name, shake their hand and say, “Nice to meet you.” You do not need to wait for an introduction.
  • Make Eye Contact – Make eye contact while you are speaking and while someone is speaking to you. Keep that eye contact throughout the interview, and hold the eye contact at those you directing your conversation to. If more than one person is in the room, and you are speaking with all of them, try to make eye contact with all of them.

Give Great Answers

The interviewer will ask you specific questions. You need to answer these questions to the best of your ability. Do this perfectly by practicing your answers over and over again to common interview questions so that you are confident when you speak, knowing you won’t slur your words or forget your thoughts. Your answers should also focus on the following:

  • Always Be Positive – You loved every job you have ever worked.   You have appreciated every employee you worked with.   You are sad to leave every company you have worked for and you have enjoyed and learned from every task you have ever undertaken and will undertake. No exceptions.  Of course, do not use those exact words.  Show them that you are a positive person.
  • Show Commitment – You may have personal plans on leaving the company in a year to attend graduate school or using the experience as a stepping stone for your career as an entrepreneur. When you answer job interview questions, as far as the company is concerned, you plan on sticking with them for years to come.
  • Stay Focused – Try your best not to ramble. Rambling is how mistakes are made. Practicing interview questions beforehand will reduce rambling.

Follow Specific Interview Tips

Always research the company and find sample questions and answers and advice on how to approach every interview. Treat your interview as though it is the only one you have, and you will put yourself in a place to succeed.