General Job Interview Question and Answers

General Job Interview Question and Answers

No two job interviews are identical. Each position and each workplace is difference. These differences require different interview questions in order to see if you are a good fit for the company. Preparing answers for surprise questions is one of the main keys to a successful interview.

Despite these differences, there are a variety of general job interview questions asked at interviews in many different fields. These general interview questions are broad enough to use at any type of interview, front entry level to executive level positions. It is a good idea to prepare for these types of questions since they may play a role at any interview you attend.

General Questions and Sample Answers

Q: Why Did You Apply for This Position?

A: Employers want to know that you have a desire to work for their company. They do not want to hear about how badly you needed a job. Focus on the company’s history and vision in your answer. “I want to work for TechCorp because your company is on the verge of developing some of the most technologically innovative products today.”

Q: Have You Heard About Our Company?

A: This answer should always be “Yes.” Part of interview preparation involves researching the company and its products and services. You should be prepared to expand your answer to mention specific products and services and you should have a firm grasp of what it is the company truly offers.

Q: What is One Issue You Have Had With X?

A: Expect questions that are designed to trick you into saying something negative about a coworker, employer, job duties or boss. Don’t fall for it! Fake amnesia if necessary or simply answer “every individual is unique, but no specific instances come to mind.” If they push you for an answer, it is still safer to feign forgetfulness than answer the question honestly.

Q: Are You Willing to Travel or be Relocated?

A: Sometimes job interviews resemble a game. You need to give the right answers in order to move forward. Sometimes, however, it is important that you answer completely honestly. If you are not willing to travel or be relocated, it is a good idea to tell the employer. If that is a common part of your job, then perhaps the job is not right for you.

Q: What is Your Expected Salary?

A: Money questions can be tricky. You do not want to give an answer that is too low, because you risk receiving less income than the position offers. You also do not want to give an offer that is too high, because you risk being seen as either arrogant or unaffordable. The best answer is no answer. Tell the interviewer you would like to learn more about the company first and research the salary once the interview is over.

Q: How Long Do You Expect to Stay with the Company?

A: Employers look for dedication. They look for individuals that will fulfill a useful role in the company for years. Answer these questions confidently. Tell the employer that you plan on staying indefinitely as you grow within the company.

Answers to General Questions

These types of common questions may be found at any job interview. You should prepare for them early. Common interview strategies apply for all general interview answers. These include:

  • Remain Positive – Avoid any negative sounding answers.
  • Show Commitment – Give the company the impression you are planning to stay.
  • Answer Directly – Prepare ahead of time to ensure your answers are straight and to the point.

Interviews are designed to test your ability to answer questions. It is important that you prepare answers for any type of interview question so that you can confidently provide an answer that helps you win the job.