Financial Sales Salary

Financial Sales Salary

Finance Sales jobs occupy a unique and increasingly relevant niche in the business world today and professionals in this field sell the products and services provided by financial firms.

The customers range from private individuals to corporate clients, and the salespeople in this industry deal in bonds, stocks, shares, pensions, and high-interest savings accounts. So, financial advisors and traders are amongst those who work in the area of financial sales, and the specialists within this category represent a fairly broad variety of professional interests.

Overall, it is a highly demanding industry to work in, where competition is fierce, and the pace is unrelenting. 

Financial sales professionals tend to work long hours, well outside the nine-to-five range. Because the sector is competitive, it is also notoriously difficult to land an entry-level position at most of the top firms, and applicants must set themselves apart from a vast pool of candidates.

With the day-to-day duties, you must perform highly in commercial sales to survive; it is all about money. Performance is measured by how much money you bring in, and the job itself is dedicated to moving money and generating ROI for clients. 

The financial sales industry is massive here in the UK, which is a global leader in finance, and many of the world’s top firms have their headquarters in London.

The Financial Sales Benefits

There are countless benefits to working in the financial sales industry, but none is more pressing than money.

These jobs rank amongst the highest paying in the nation, and companies are always driving up salaries in their efforts to attract the best talent possible.

For those who love a fast-paced and challenging work environment, there is nothing quite like the world of finance, where adrenaline and pressure are nearly always running high.

The industry also affords the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest minds in the nation today, and this is about as far as you can get from a boring corporate office.

Another unique benefit is early retirement. Because many of these positions are so high paying and demanding, professionals in the industry often have little time to spend the money they are making while their careers are at their peaks. So it is common amongst those in the field to earn enough in the span of a decade or two to retire quite young.

Salaries in the Financial Industry

Because the financial sales industry encompasses a wide variety of roles, salaries vary widely based upon the position. The following is a breakdown of a few of the most common jobs and the average salaries per annum:

  • Financial Sales Consultant: Median annual salary of £34,600 with the highest earners in this position earning as much as £62K.
  • Financial Sales Manager: Median annual salary of £39,500 with the highest earners in this position earning as much as £67K.
  • Financial Sales Director: Median annual salary of £62,500 with the highest earners in this position making as much as £99K.
  • Financial Advisor: Median annual salary of £35,800 with the highest earners in this position earning as much as £55K.
  • Financial Services Manager: Median annual salary of £51,000 with the highest earners in this position earning as much as £68K.
  • Financial Account Manager: Median annual salary of £26,800 with the highest earners in this position earning as much as £39K.

Finance Skills to Excel

For those looking to enter the industry or advance their careers in financial sales, the following five skills are the key to success:

  1. Communication: Oral and written communication skills are essential for every salesperson, but especially vital in this industry, where networking is remarkably important and professionals must be experts in conveying complex financial data in the clearest and most succinct ways possible.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Employers today look for proven experience with CRM, and acquiring this skill (and the professional qualifications that go with it) has been shown to boost salaries about 14% on average for financial advisors.
  3. Budgeting: If you are going to succeed in finance, you have to be an excellent manager of money, this means that budgeting is a vital and valuable skill in the workforce.
  4. Financial Analysis: Being able to make sense of mountains of data will give you a significant edge in this professional realm.
  5. Forecasting: Potentially the most valuable skill of all for those in the financial sales world, being skilled in forecasting makes all the difference in the trajectory of a career. 

If you think a career in financial sales might be right for you, it will take a tremendous amount of motivation to excel in this demanding industry. But if you are up for the challenge, the rewards are profound enough to reshape your life and redefine your future. 

This industry is one that gives professionals resources, money, power, and the pride of knowing they can push themselves each day to become better at what they love to do.