Examples of Job Interview Protocol

Examples of Job Interview Protocol

To impress employers, it is important to adhere to job interview protocol. Interviewers have expectations about what to expect from potential employees, and they are looking for you to meet those expectations. Your ability to fit in is being tested, because good employees need to be able to conform to a workplace environment.

What to Do at the Interview

From the moment you show up to the interview until the moment you leave, there are a variety of behaviors that employers are looking for as they analyze whether you are a potential fit for their company. These should be seen at every stage in the interview process with every interviewer you meet with.

  • DO make eye contact, smile, listen and respond when appropriate.
  • DO nod when the employer is speaking to show that you are listening.
  • DO answer questions with more than a “Yes” or “No”.
  • DO be honest with all of your answers.
  • DO have knowledge of the job, company and position.
  • DO introduce yourself to everyone you meet at the interview.
  • DO let yourself be relaxed and friendly. Personal but professional conversation is encouraged.
  • DO ask questions to the interviewer and ask for clarification.

What Not to Do at the Interview

Perhaps the most important part of interview protocol is the type of behaviors you need to avoid. Not asking a question to the interviewer may not ruin your chances at success, but doing any of the behaviors listed below often will.

  • DO NOT make jokes/insults about the people you have met during your interview.
  • DO NOT make any demands to lesser staff members (i.e. “Get me a coffee.”).
  • DO NOT say negative things about your previous workplace, your coworkers, or even your friends, family, or the stranger that cut you off on your way to the interview. Employers do not want people that are negative and complain, even for good reason.
  • DO NOT insult a work strategy employed by the company. You never know if your interviewer was the one that suggested it.
  • DO NOT show up late or call the interviewer to ask where the place is located on the day of the interview.
  • DO NOT wear heavy cologne or perfume. Some people have allergies.
  • DO NOT have somewhere to be after the interview that may require you to leave early. If there is some very pressing business that needs your attention, schedule the interview on a different day or much, much earlier.
  • DO NOT discuss salary, benefits, or vacation during your interview unless prompted by the interviewer.
  • DO NOT tell the interviewer that you are planning on leaving the job to go to graduate school, move, or start your own company any time in the future. You can quit any job if need be, but during the interview you must act as though you plan on being with the company forever.

Adhering to Interview Expectations

Employers want creative individuals, but they only want to see that creativity when it comes to doing your job efficiently. At the interview, they want you to appear as though you are a model employee, and to do that effectively you must follow all of the job interview protocol listed above.