ESE Interview Guidance Program

ESE Interview Guidance Program

“Interview has much to do with one’s personality, and we work aggressively towards creating one that is powerful and positive”

Interview is an important and integral aspect of the Engineering Services Exam (ESE). The Interview Guidance Program is divided into three sessions

  1. Informal Interaction Session
  2. Technical/PD/Current Affairs Session
  3. Mock Interviews

Informal Interaction Session includes individual guidance to fill up the Detailed Application Form (DAF) for ESE 2018 to avoid facing awkward questions during actual interview.

The second session includes Technical classes and Personality Development program to help students erase their shyness and negative complexes. Besides, psychological aspect of the interview is given due consideration during this session.

The technical classes will be conducted under the guidance of Kanchan Sir to analyse practical situation for interview requirements. Personality Development/Current Affairs classes would be taken by experts to improve students’ confidence level.

At the end of the session, Mock Interviews will be conducted, and comprehensive feedback on personal attributes would be provided. Video recording of Mock Interviews would also be provided to students to understand their weaknesses and improve their overall personality.

The interview panel comprises experienced and reputed technical and psychological experts, who will help you analyse your weaknesses and psychological problems.