CV Presentation in the Digital Age

CV Presentation in the Digital Age

The first hurdle to jump is finding that old, worn out CV and breathing new life into what is likely an outdated and wordy document. There are many approaches to this task, the first of which is to locate the old CV, blow off the dust and update it by including the latest positions, educational accomplishments, and skill sets acquired.

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts!

Once you have revised your CV’s content to accurately describe your talents and achievements to date, the real search can begin! Often times, this is where job seekers become overwhelmed and grossly under represented within their chosen industry or market segment. Why does this happen? Unfortunately, this is usually because of a poorly written and lengthy CV. The moment hiring managers’ eyes glaze over whilst reading your CV, into the bin it goes, forever. 

CV formatting and the presentation of the information contained within the body of the CV are critical for maximum exposure in the digital age. Word documents are extremely popular for compatibility issues, and can be saved and added to as one progresses up the ladder of personal success.  If bragging about your career highlights and accomplishments in an eloquent, concise, and honest manner is not your forte, have no fear. A professional CV writer is a few keystrokes away, and will know exactly how to best highlight your achievements, your awards, and your expertise within your industry.

What will a professional CV writing service do for my exposure and prospects?

CV writing professionals are trained to cull out the drivel and the useless fluff that some job seekers feel creates an edge, makes a statement, or embellishes their roles and responsibilities to appear more impressive than they actually were. This is a gross misconception and a waste of prime CV real estate. CV writing professionals will review your document, improve or create a career summary based on information that is provided, and pull out core competencies, key skill sets, and industry specific key words that will help slide your CV through the ever-present applicant tracking systems.