Academic personality? Jobs to suit you

Academic personality? Jobs to suit you


What is an academic personality?

Academic is a bit of an umbrella term to describe intelligent, educated people who love to study and learn, whatever the subject. Although some people look down their nose at the ‘constant students’ who never want to leave the university nest, academics include some of the world’s leading minds who have contributed massively to society.

Personality traits

If you can tick more than five of the following points then you have an academic personality:

  • I have always been good at school
  • I enjoy studying
  • University work suited me particularly well
  • I always want to find out more about subjects that interest me
  • I’m naturally inquisitive
  • I am the person always asking more questions
  • In my opinion, knowledge is power
  • My exam results were very good
  • I love learning new things
  • I’m confident in my academic abilities

So, are you an academic person? No - then check out some other work personalities.

What academic job?

There are lots of jobs where only an academic mind will do and you can make money AND a difference to the world if you choose wisely…

Academic jobs for academic people 

Making money from an academic personality

They may not be as hero-worshipped as some of today’s celebrities as we wallow in a culture that celebrates looks over brains but actually academics have helped to shape today’s world and many have achieved fame and incredible job satisfaction…

Albert Einstein – Every academic’s pin-up. Einstein is synonymous with incredible intellect even to this day.

Stephen Hawking – The man who epitomised overcoming extreme adversity to excel in his chosen career, Hawking is widely regarded as today’s answer to Einstein and is incredibly passionate about physics. He has also helped to make science more easily accessible to the masses with bestselling books.

Professor Brian Cox – Credited with ‘making science cool’, Professor Cox regularly appears on TV and has written books that take the mystery and pomp out of physics. Making science fun, he is a popular celebrity these days making the rounds on chat shows. It helps that he’s also rather attractive