5 Hilarious Job Interview Sketches from Saturday Night Live

5 Hilarious Job Interview Sketches from Saturday Night Live

Job interviews can be pretty funny — at least when you’re watching them on Saturday Night Live and not sweating them out in person.  A job interview is the perfect setting for cringe humor, after all.

Over the years, Saturday Night Live has brought us several sketches inspired by job interviews. For some reason, the show always seems to trot out the job interview sketches when they have a celebrity guest host who plays creepy particularly well (see Walken, Buscemi, Goldblum, and Hopper below). Here are the funniest examples:

 1) Will Ferrell as Evil Interviewer

There are just a couple of subtle signs that you may want to think twice about that job offer from Will Ferrell. He’s pretty candid about the fact that he’s a “stickler.” Oh yeah, and he murders one of his employees with a trident. But whatever, he takes a lot of pride in running the fourth-best in-flight magazine out there. Nobody does crazy, trident-wielding  lunatic like Will Ferrell.


2) Centaur Job Interview

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A centaur walks into a job interview….and meets Christopher Walken.

Just remember, kids, it’s not a good sign if one of the interviewer’s first questions is, “Can I ride you?” But that doesn’t make it okay for you to ask him if he would have sex with a monkey with a mask on (that’s generally a question to avoid until you’ve got the job). Enjoy.


3) Jerry “Steve” Dave Interviews with Jeff Goldblum

You can learn a lot about interviewing from  Jerry “Steve” Dave. He speaks eloquently about his two loves in life — “the 4th of July and teamwork.” He demonstrates initiative by “hitting the books” at the Learning Annex in his quest to be “super good at things.” Best of all, he has a clear 10-year plan that involves a souped-up Kawasaki Jet Ski.


4) Job Interview with Cannibals
Don’t you just hate it when an interviewer probes nosily into your feelings about eating human flesh?

In this sketch, Dennis Hopper has a panel interview with Lovitz, Hartman, and Nealon.  They just have a few simple psychological profiling questions involving missionaries and rotisseries.


5) Bad Buscemi Interview
It’s hard enough to walk into a job interview and find yourself gazing into those Steve Buscemeyes.  But Chris Kattan tries to make the best of it, despite Steve’s immediate and inexplicable hatred of him. Then things really get awkward.

But at least Steve provides honest feedback.

Bonus: Interview with the Tooth Fairy
Okay, so this sketch isn’t exactly about a job interview, but it’s close enough. It’s an episode of the riveting talk show Career Corner, featuring an interview with Mr. Tooth Fairy (played by Eddie Murphy in pink tutu).