tips to overcome job-interview nerves

tips to overcome job-interview nerves

1. Positive self-talk

It is important to control your nerves and stay calm and collected, by telling positive things to yourself. Repeat things like i am positive i can do this, i am the best candidate for this job and that this interview will be a piece of cake etc. Saying these words out loud will definitely convince you and help you in staying composed and confident.

2. Breathe slowly 10 times

Take deep breaths slowly, and count till you take ten calm breaths. The right way is to breathe in through the nose, and breathe out through the mouth, don’t go overboard and hyperventilate yourself, just take ten breaths, and it will calm you like magic.

3. Release muscle tension

To relax your tense muscles, we have the best technique for you. Just focus and concentrate on relaxing your entire body step by step, and don’t move to the next part, until the previous part is entirely relaxed. Start with toes, and move up towards the rest of your body.

4. Visualize success

The urban balance, founder and psychotherapist, joyce marter says that if you don’t believe in yourself, you will never get the job. What you think about yourself has a very powerful impact on your performance, whether it is positive or negative. Just imagine that you will ace this interview, and chances are that you will definitely ace it in reality.

5. Release by writing

The best remedy to release your nerves is to write about it. Write to your heart content, only then you will know the extent of your feelings. Once you’re done, tear that paper in a million pieces, and bid farewell to those thoughts.

6. Take a leisurely walk

Just take a relaxing casual walk around the park on any other place of liking to release stress. Walking is the best way to release endorphin, which is a natural anti-stressor. There is no need for a vigorous intense walk, just take it slow and it will work effectively.

7. Eat light and hydrate

To avoid embarrassing whale sounds from your stomach, try to eat something, fresh, light and healthy. Also keep a water bottle with yourself, so that you can stay refreshed till the entire interview is over.

8. Avoid coffee

Try to stay away from coffee before an interview, as it a great anxiety stimulant.

9. Chew gum

According to research chewing gum is a great way to make you alert and reduce anxiety. Just throw it out while you step in the interview, because it makes a very bad impression in front of an interviewer.

10. Smile

The easiest and the simplest way to say goodbye to stress, is to smile and you can feel your body getting relaxed immediately. So just smile and get ready to conquer the world.