The #1 Way to Earn Cash in College While Getting Real Marketing Experience

It seems nearly impossible to find a job as a college student these days. And we’re not just talking about post-grad. We’re talking about a job you can do while you’re actively enrolled in school. One that pays well, offers benefits, is flexible, and works well with the oftentimes chaotic lives of college students.

But does such a job exist? One that is actually enjoyable, fun, and fulfilling? We’re happy to say there is, with a company called The Black Sheep.

Offering services that range from on-campus outreach to social media marketing, The Black Sheep partners with brands and companies to help bring their message to college students and Gen-Z audiences everywhere. Employing students from every major and area of interest, The Black Sheep has provided college students with the opportunity to make money, pursue an education, and grow themselves as individuals at the same time.

In order to find out why university students everywhere are talking about The Black Sheep, we spoke with Anna Gollihar, a former Micro-Influencer and now Campus Ambassador with the company. In our conversation with Anna, she spoke about the many reasons why The Black Sheep is such an ideal employer for college students.

Good Pay, Great Benefits

First and foremost, working for The Black Sheep means you’re going to get paid. As a Campus Ambassador, you will make a minimum of $60 per shiftn and about $120-$180 per week, as a Micro Influencer, you can make a minimum of $50 per post and about $400 per campaign, and as a Student Data Collector, you can make anywhere from $25-$75 per week.

In addition to the money, working for The Black Sheep comes with a ton of great perks. One perk, which was specific to a campaign, took place when Anna Gollihar was working for Gopuff during her time as a Micro-Influencer, she got tons of free food directly from Gopuff! 

Gopuff, which is a food & grocery delivery service, basically paid for all her deliveries when she needed products for photo shoots. On top of free perks like that, employees are also offered recommendations, references upon requests, and even resume reviews to help bolster their professional career.

Flexible Scheduling

Another great benefit of The Black Sheep is your class schedule and other commitments are taken into account when working. Students submit their availability to their manager who schedules them around pre-existing commitments! As many of you know, college life can get pretty hectic! From studying and class to social life and extracurriculars, schedules can get pretty crowded.

Anna explained that before we start a campaign, we approve our dates, and what we are available for with the company that we’re partnering with” in a way that works with everyone’s schedules. At the end of the day, The Black Sheep knows how busy college students can be and they take that into account every step of the way.

Real Work Experience

As a college student, you should always take the opportunity to add more experiences to your resume. In The Black Sheep’s varying roles, you get the chance to do just that all while learning some new skills and meeting new people.

For the Micro Influencer role, you can begin to see what it looks and feels like to work with brands on social content creation while also learning how to use trends and data to direct your content. In the Student Data Collector position, you get the chance to give feedback to businesses while also learning how to conduct yourself in a professional setting.

For the Campus Ambassador position, you will learn how to make pitches and enhance some of your sales skills. In our conversation with Anna, she mentioned that one of the most valuable things she got from the Campus Ambassador experience was a better grip on her communication skills.

As someone who is pursuing law, Anna can now take these skills with her into future aspirations.

Long-Term Growth

While The Black Sheep is a great employer for college students, they are just as great for those who have graduated and are looking for full-time roles with a revolutionary marketing company. As was the case with Anna Gollihar, her time with The Black Sheep didn’t end after her first stint as a Micro-Influencer. 

When she started pursuing her law degree in Texas, Anna rejoined The Black Sheep but this time as a Campus Ambassador. This is because The Black Sheep values lasting relationships and likes to offer its workforce as many opportunities as possible.

Even today as a Campus Ambassador, Anna still does work in the social media department that she was a part of previously.

But even beyond the roles that The Black Sheep offers on campus, they also have corporate positions that you can embark on following graduation! 

Social Involvement and Networking

While The Black Sheep is a job, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. The Micro-Influencer and Campus Ambassador roles are very social by their nature as they both involve engaging with your communities, whether they be digital or in real life. In addition to the people you engage with on your campus or social media, you also have your fellow employees.

“I really genuinely enjoyed hanging out with the partner that I have on this campaign. So even if we’re having a slow day or it’s downtime on campus and we can’t find many people, we’re still laughing and having fun and hanging out.”

Anna went on to say, “in a lot of ways, it connects you with people on campus. Through all the talking I’ve done I’ve made some friends on campus, even though it’s not a campus I go to.” 

The fact that these jobs allow you to socialize with your peers and potentially make new friends all while getting paid is an incredible perk of The Black Sheep jobs.

Join the Flock

As The Black Sheep continues to grow and partner with new businesses, they are looking for more college students like you to help them with their efforts. There is no reason for you to suffer through college on a budget of ramen and macaroni!

Join The Black Sheep as a Micro-Influencer, Campus Ambassador, or Student Data Collector and start earning money, gaining experience, and building your network today.