my favorite posts of 2022

Here are my favorite posts of 2022, in no particular order:

1. My new hire built a blanket nest in her office
Because I fully adore the thought of someone doing this.

2. I can’t escape Halloween Town
Because I don’t think I’d want to live in Halloween Town either but I am so pleased to know it exists.

3. Mortification Week, all of it
Because I think mortification is one of the ultimate shared experiences.

4. Our new phones have fewer speed dial buttons and everyone is freaking out
Because there is little better than a full-drama, full-office freak-out over something so minor.

5. The fake crossing guard, the controversial coat rack, and other abuses of tiny amounts of power
Because there is no amount of power too small for someone somewhere to want to abuse it and these ended up being some of the best stories of the year.

6. My coworker saves hair
Because she’s saving her hair.

7. Don’t trust the answers to “how would you describe your management style?”
Because I’ve meant to write this one for years.

8. Ask a Manager speed round (and part 2)
Because these are fun to do.

9. New hire keeps kneeling in front of me
Because I love this sort of minor but weird stuff.

10. Interview with a haunted house cast member
Because I found this fascinating and couldn’t stop asking questions.

11. My coworker passes me messages “from the CEO” … that I think are really from her
Because I love the intrigue of it.

12. The new hire who showed up is not the same person we interviewed (and the update)
Because of the drama and — never mind, I don’t believe anyone could question the reason for including this one.

What were your favorites of the year?

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