How Bloomberg’s Early Career Programs Prepare You for Success in Business

Early career programs are designed to empower students with the invaluable skills and resources needed to succeed in the workplace. These programs enable participants to develop the professional know-how they don’t always receive in a classroom setting, while also providing exposure to various job and networking opportunities.

Bloomberg, a financial technology company, offers a range of career-readiness programs for underrepresented college students and recent graduates who are interested in business and finance. The content is targeted to all years, with the ultimate goal of providing participants with career coaching, insight into Bloomberg’s workplace and culture, and access to company leadership.

One example is the First-Year Insights Series, a career workshop aimed at diverse first-year and/or first-generation college students. In this program, students are introduced to professional skills they can use to gain a headstart when launching their careers. By attending a session, students become eligible for tailored developmental opportunities including one-on-one coaching and resume reviews with a Bloomberg recruiter. 

The company also offers hands-on professional learning experiences for students further along in their college journeys. Sophomores can apply for business externships, short-term programs that provide firsthand exposure to the daily demands of a role with the company. In addition to gaining insight into a potential career, externs also receive early access to apply and secure an internship for the following summer.

Bloomberg internships are generally available to juniors and offer more in-depth project work, skills training, and networking opportunities. Unlike the First-Year Insights and externship programs, which occur over a few days, most internships last ten weeks, thereby giving students more time to develop their skills and knowledge, forge a professional network, and make a positive impression that could lead to a full-time job offer after graduation.

Bloomberg has further demonstrated its commitment to nurturing diverse talent through its flagship Discover Bloomberg: Accelerate and <GO> program. An all-expense-paid, three-day immersion event at the company’s New York City headquarters, Discover Bloomberg allows upper-level students and recent graduates to learn more about company culture and gain deeper insight into the day-in-the-life of their desired roles. The event concludes with participants interviewing for either a business internship or an entry-level position.

We interviewed a few Bloomberg employees who participated in these early career programs to better understand how those experiences have impacted their careers. During these conversations, we learned that the mentorship and skills training received during these programs has positively contributed to their professional development and success.

Reliable Support Networks

Finding a supportive network of mentors is a critical part of growing a successful career, especially for young professionals who often lack extensive professional experience and a network. Underrepresented talent doesn’t have as many opportunities to build those valuable connections that could be a source of encouragement, career planning, and perspective. Bloomberg’s early career programs help close that gap.
During his externship, Robert Ashamole, an Account Manager, formed an important relationship with a Bloomberg executive who encouraged him to accept a full-time role at the company.

Robert’s experience is just one example of the peer-to-peer support that exists at Bloomberg. Daniela Arias, an Account Manager, participated in both Bloomberg’s externship and internship programs, through which she also received strong professional support.

Daniela stated that, at Bloomberg, she would always have someone who she can count on for support. When it comes to advancing your career, this type of network is invaluable.

Opening Doors to Careers in Finance

Bloomberg employees work with some of the most innovative technologies used in the financial markets. Participants in these early career programs receive early exposure to these tools, like the Bloomberg Terminal, which gives them a leg up on transitioning more smoothly into full-time roles at Bloomberg or across the finance industry.

Laneika Lyons, a Data Engineer and Analyst, credits her participation in these programs as part of her seamless transition into Bloomberg.

Start Your Journey

There’s no doubt that Rob, Daniela, and Laneika all gained incredible insight and experience during their participation in Bloomberg’s early-career programs. From skills development to networking, these programs have formed the foundation of their successful tenures at Bloomberg. 

If you’re curious about what Bloomberg does and what business career opportunities are available with the company, explore its Discovery and Diversity programs for underrepresented talent.

Your road of accomplishments is right ahead of you. You just need to start walking.

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