Here’s How to Become a Jeweler (Professional Guide)

Here’s how to become a jeweler. A jeweler is a trained artisan who works with metals, stones, jewels, and other materials to design, produce, and repair wearable items. To become a professional jeweler, you must train as a fine artist and hone your handcrafting abilities in order to create appealing and distinctive jewelry items.

how to become a jeweler

What is a jeweler?

A jeweler is an artist who creates adornments such as bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces out of metals, jewels, and other materials. They can also be tasked with repairing, adjusting, cleaning, and valuing jewels.

The art of creating jewelry dates back thousands of years. In fact, there is evidence that Africans have been creating jewelry since at least 75,000 years ago. Jewelry has been used for more than just ornamentation and decoration throughout its lengthy history. It’s also been utilized as a form of money and as a form of protection against evil. Today, competent jewelry artisans have a wide range of professional options.

What does a jeweler do?

You have a wide range of talents and duties as a jeweler. You’re responsible for remaining current with the newest assembly techniques, worldwide jewelry fashion, and trends, in addition to having outstanding understanding of metals, jewels, and stone.

While a jeweler’s everyday responsibilities are varied, he or she can be responsible for:

  • Modeling precious metals and stones and then shaping them as needed to produce new and unique pieces of jewelry.
  • Repairing jewelry by removing superfluous parts, decreasing sizes, and repairing clasps, among other things.
  • Working with stones and sculpting them so that they can be placed and fixed in jewelry.
  • The rough joints on the jewelry are polished and smoothed.
  • determining the grade of metals, jewels, and stones and doing research
  • To make a profit margin, you must first understand the business, the labor cost, the material cost, and other factors.
  • If you enjoy crafting jewelry, being a jeweler is a fun and difficult career choice to consider.
  • Sell jewelry, repair jewelry, and set jewelry.

Average salary of a jeweler

Most bench jewelers find work at jewelry manufacturing plants, retailers, repair shops, or exclusive jewelry stores. The average hourly salary for jewelers is $19.52. Salaries range from $11.71 per hour to $32.54 per hour on average.

how to become a jeweler

How to become a jeweler

You must decide whether or not you want to pursue a career as a jeweler, just as you must decide whether or not you want to pursue any other job option. This is a step-by-step approach to become a jeweler.

Obtain high school education

To advance in your career, you must complete high school and obtain a high school diploma or GED. You’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent to get into a suitable institution for jewelry-related studies. Subjects such as Arts and Mathematics can be beneficial to your job. A high-school diploma is also useful if you seek for entry-level employment. Meanwhile, you must keep yourself up to date by reading literature about jewelry making, the jewelry business, and industry changes.

Join a jewelry-making program

You might enroll in a vocational school or any jewelry-making program to master the business essentials before enrolling in a bachelor’s program. You’ll learn how to polish stones, set them, enamel them, cast them, weld them, and repair jewelry.

Many of these programs also include instruction on how to utilize CAD software. It is a useful tool for designing jewelry in today’s world. You can model your jewelry in 2D or 3D before converting it into a superb piece. You’ll learn about polishing, stone setting, enameling, laser welding, casting, crafting, and more.

how to become a jeweler

Become an apprentice

Making, mending, polishing, and sculpting jewelry are all practical tasks. Apprenticeship with a skilled jeweler is a good way to learn the craft. After graduating from high school or finishing a jewelry-making program, you can apply for an apprenticeship.

The jewelry-making curricula and vocational training are flexible enough to allow you to work as an apprentice and learn practical parts of the trade as you learn.

Many jewelers can hire you as an apprentice right after you graduate from high school, while others can demand some prior experience. On-the-job training is normally provided by the jewelry designer you’re apprenticeship is with.

how to become a jeweler

Complete your formal education

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is not required to work as a jeweler. You can enroll in a jewelry school to boost your employability and gain a better understanding of your training in order to develop your jewelry-making skill and aptitude.

You can learn more about the finest schools for different disciplines of jewelry manufacturing by visiting Jewelers of America. The most popular courses for prospective jewelers are Jewelry Design and Fine Arts. A Jewelry Design course is tailored to people interested in pursuing a career as a professional jeweler.

The Fine Arts program has nothing to do with jewelry making. It includes studying sculptures, paintings, architecture, music, and poetry, among other things. It teaches individuals how to make art that appeals to them, which is crucial in jewelry creation. This knowledge is put to use by jewelry designers to produce aesthetically appealing creative jewelry.

Aside from this, taking business-related subjects like marketing and sales might be beneficial if you want to operate your own company.

how to become a jeweler

Build a portfolio

You can apply for a job in this field once you have completed your education and training. The first step in breaking into the jewelry industry is to compile a portfolio of your work. Take high-quality pictures of the original jewelry you made to compile each of your previous creations.

To present your hiring manager, you can build an online collection of your work or gather it in a hard-copy folder.

Apply for work

When starting a career as a jeweler, you can be required to start at the bottom. You can work as a bench jeweler at production factories, retail stores, repair shops, or jewelry showrooms. You can also start as a sales representative and work your way up the corporate ladder.

Obtain certifications

It’s a good idea to get appropriate credentials for your profession as a jeweler if you want to develop in your career.

Here are four Jewelers of America certifications that you can attempt based on your experience:

As you complete your one year in jewelry repairing, you are eligible for CBJT. After two years, you are eligible for CBJ. CSBJ and CSMJ certifications are intended for senior jewelers who have invested quite some years in the work. To obtain these certifications, you are required to pass written as well as several practical tests.

Learn more

Even if an undergraduate or graduate degree is not required to become a jeweler, you must continue to learn in order to develop your career and gain greater possibilities. Getting a degree in Gemology or antique jewelry might help you get into the market. There are numerous institutions, such as Jewelers of America and the Gemological Institute of America, as well as universities, such as California College of the Arts, Kansas University, and San Diego State University, that provide outstanding jewelry-making programs.

Tips for running your own business

To manage a jewelry business, you’ll need to go through training and meet the educational criteria outlined before. Here are some more tips for making jewelry and running a company.

  • It is preferable if you have a Bachelor’s degree. Gemology is also necessary for a full grasp of the various stones.
  • A Master’s Degree will aid in gaining a thorough grasp of the technique of creating the greatest jewelry.
  • Make your collection in order to show it off to possible buyers.
  • Participate in gem and jewelry exhibitions to demonstrate your abilities and gain a better understanding of the market, clients, and preferences.
  • Find a reputable company to produce your designs without disclosing them to the public. Recognize the contract’s legal implications.
  • Understand the market and develop and price your products accordingly.
  • Create an online portfolio of your work.
  • In today’s world, creating a website is a critical step. It’s where you can share your designs and material with the rest of the world.

Common questions

Common questions about becoming a jeweler.

How long does it take to become a jeweler?

The path to becoming a Jeweler can take a few months to four or more years. If you start an apprenticeship immediately after high school, you can quickly become a Jeweler. If you choose to complete a training program or earn a degree, you can spend one to four years on your education.

how to become a jeweler

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