Elevate your personal brand with these 5 LinkedIn branding tips

If you’re a professional looking to connect with others from your industry or skill set, Linkedin is the place to be. The platform is famous for creating connections between people and helping them network and advance their career opportunities. 

Similarly, Linkedin is a great place for people who have newly established companies to form useful connections and promote their products, services, and overall professional expertise. So if you just started out in the professional world and are looking for ways to promote your skills without needing a hefty marketing budget, look no further. 

Here are some great ways to help you market your personal brand on Linkedin. 

1. Optimize your personal profile

The first thing people notice on Linkedin when they look you up is your personal profile. Which is why it needs to be optimized according to the image you want out there. Make sure your profile is complete, authentic, and appealing to whoever takes a look at it. 

Improve your profile by adding a professional display of yourself facing forward, along with a notable header. Use the following tips to make your profile worth looking at:

  1. Put your brand name and logo near the top of the page. 
  2. Use the About section of your profile to specify what problems you solve. 
  3. Add SEO-optimized keywords to your description so that it can be found easily through Linkedin searches. 
  4. Use the Experiences section to add in your most relevant achievements and be specific and precise with the details you add. Try to quantify your successes. 

Remember that Linkedin also acts as a search engine, so the kind of words you use will determine how easily you can be found. Use specific keywords in your headline, job title, and descriptions to optimize your profile. 

2.  Post great visuals 

Once your page is set, you’ll need content to post on it. And lots of it. Sure, Linkedin is a lot more professional and sophisticated as a platform than most other social media sites, but that doesn’t mean its users don’t appreciate vibrant visuals. 

Create some mesmerizing visuals for your brand and post them on your Linkedin company page for everyone to see. You can use online design tools like PosterMyWall to get access to a wide variety of personal branding templates and customize them according to your needs. 

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An ideal personal branding visual should include your brand name or logo, what you offer, what solutions you provide, and of course, an attractive image of yourself if applicable. Post these on your professional Linkedin page and encourage others to share the post with their reviews as well. 

3. Use a customized URL 

One great thing about Linkedin is that it offers you a lot of different ways to appear more professional in your daily proceedings and networking attempts. When you’re offering your resume or contact information to someone, you want it to look as personalized and neat as it can be. 

Use Linkedin’s customize URL option to personalize your profile URL according to your needs. If it’s your personal profile and is entirely about you, you can add your name to the end. If you’re representing a certain company or brand, you can change the name accordingly. A customized URL allows you to show that you care about your brand image and are willing to make an effort to seem professional in your dealings. 

4. Make your profile public

Linkedin gives you the option to keep your profile private, or to make it public so that your connections get notified when you do something significant. And on a site where you’re specifically looking to impress people with your achievements, why would you want to stay in private mode?

Make your Linkedin profile public so that your current and future employers, colleagues, customers, and partners can see what you’re working on, how active you are, what achievements you’re earning, and so much more. 

5. Stay active in groups

One way to keep your head up and stay aware in the Linkedin community is to stay active and engaged in Linkedin group discussions. Join relevant Linkedin groups and get your name out there for people to remember. 

You can use group discussions as an opportunity to talk about your business or your personal experiences so that people always know who you are. 

Final thoughts

Linkedin is a great space for you to make a name for yourself, especially if you’re looking to make significant connections in the professional world. Use these Linkedin promotion tips to boost your online presence and make a name for yourself.