WBA OpenRoaming expands new monetization opportunities with enhanced Quality of Service for Operators

WBA members drive the launch of OpenRoaming Release 2 with Orion Wifi, from Google’s Area 120, the first full deployment compliant with the standard.

London, 17th June 2021 – The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) today announced the launch of WBA OpenRoaming™ Release 2, which enables network and service providers, including MNOs, Cable Operators and ISPs to offer an enhanced quality of experience (QoE) to their subscribers, including voice, high definition video streaming, gaming and more. OpenRoaming™ frees users from the need to constantly re-register or re-enter log-in credentials, allowing seamless and instant network access, enterprise-grade security and a carrier-grade Wi-Fi experience across multiple locations. The platform was developed as a global solution based on a common set of standards to bridge the gap between cellular and Wi-Fi, offering users frictionless connectivity as users roam between guest Wi-Fi networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots.

In this latest release, WBA has taken the proactive step of accelerating the definition, development and scope of its global Wi-Fi Federation, which aims to expand the Wi-Fi roaming ecosystem, promote global connectivity, solve secure auto-onboarding, and create new opportunities for operators and venues to commercialize their networks. The release also includes service enhancements for network service providers and operators, allowing them to guarantee their subscribers a defined, high-quality experience when using the OpenRoaming network.

Enhanced OpenRoaming for Network Operators
To bridge the gap between Wi-Fi and cellular coverage, MNOs, venues and other service providers are now able to deliver a defined, high-quality experience when their subscribers use OpenRoaming. Release 2 includes a federation-backed “silver” tier that guarantees an “HD video streaming experience” with a downlink rate of at least 5 megabits per second and end-to-end latency of less than 150 milliseconds. Silver-tier service is already available across 95% of the OpenRoaming ecosystem.

New defined commercial roaming templates
OpenRoaming™ Release 2 makes it easier for Wi-Fi network operators to secure new revenue streams through updates to commercial roaming templates, giving them the ability to scale roaming relationships quickly and efficiently. Orion Wifi, a platform from Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, is the first to deploy OpenRoaming release 2. Orion Wifi lets public venues – stores, office buildings, stadiums and other locations – sell Wi-Fi capacity to cellular carriers, making it easier for venues with high-quality Wi-Fi to collaborate with cellular carriers. Raj Gajwani, director of Orion Wifi and a member of WBA’s board of directors, commented: “The future of telecom will require sophisticated heterogeneous networks. OpenRoaming Release 2, which powers Orion Wifi, is a huge step to unlock that future.”

Release 2 employs the WBA Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange (WRIX-N) standard for settled service and allows operators and other service providers to agree on the parameters for payment, sanctioning access based on the name of the operator, the service offered, the location and the agreed cost. Release 2 also provides the capability to move beyond bi-lateral roaming agreements, with the flexibility to set up multilateral agreements on their own financial terms supported by OpenRoaming Federation terms and conditions.

Tiago Rodrigues, CEO of WBA, who announced a year ago that OpenRoaming was “Open for business”, commented on the OpenRoaming Release 2, “Our goal has always been to provide users with a secure and frictionless public Wi-Fi experience as part of our broader mission to connect the world. To make this happen, we’re working to attract businesses from across the ecosystem, by ensuring that the standard delivers commercial benefits for vendors, operators and retailers. Release 2 is one more step on that journey, and we encourage players from every part of the Wi-Fi ecosystem to join this movement and become part of the bright future we envision for OpenRoaming – One Global Wi-Fi Network.”

Matt MacPherson, wireless CTO at Cisco and member of WBA’s board of directors added, “We’re excited to provide a home for Google’s Orion Wifi in the Cisco DNA Spaces App Center. This integration is lowering the barriers to adoption for OpenRoaming release 2, specifically for OpenRoaming-Settled access, which is making it easier to monetize networks with carrier-class Wi-Fi offload.”

OpenRoaming is supported by companies such as, AT&T, Cisco, Comcast, CommScope, Deutsche Telekom, Google, Samsung and more.

About the Wireless Broadband Alliance
Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is the global organization that connects people with the latest Wi-Fi initiatives. Founded in 2003, the vision of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is to drive seamless, interoperable service experiences via Wi-Fi within the global wireless ecosystem. WBA’s mission is to enable collaboration between service providers, technology companies, cities, regulators and organizations to achieve that vision. WBA’s membership is comprised of major operators, identity providers and leading technology companies across the Wi-Fi ecosystem with the shared vision.

WBA undertakes programs and activities to address business and technical issues, as well as opportunities, for member companies. WBA work areas include standards development, industry guidelines, trials, certification and advocacy. Its key programs include NextGen Wi-Fi, OpenRoaming, 5G, IoT, Testing & Interoperability and Policy & Regulatory Affairs, with member-led Work Groups dedicated to resolving standards and technical issues to promote end-to-end services and accelerate business opportunities.

The WBA Board includes AT&T, Boingo Wireless, Broadcom, BT, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Deutsche Telekom AG, GlobalReach Technology, Google, Intel, Reliance Jio, SK Telecom and Viasat. For the complete list of current WBA members, click here: https://wballiance.com/join-us/current-members/.

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