The Benefits and Importance of Global Talent in an Increasingly Remote Workplace

No matter what kind of company you run or work for, talent acquisition is an important part of building a workplace that accomplishes exactly what you need to. Whether you’re a creative agency, a tech company, or something entirely unique, expanding your workplace into a more global community can have a variety of benefits for the immediate future of your organization and as a long-term investment in your employees and company.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting so many workplaces into the remote sphere, many companies have noticed significant improvements across platforms. The shift to remote work can’t be entirely attributed to the pandemic — but many companies have chosen to stick with remote work after experiencing many benefits during the past year.

Why hire remotely from around the world? Whether you’re thinking about leaning in or expanding further into global talent acquisition, here are a few reasons to hire remotely.


While diversity is often a corporate buzzword that can mean a lot of things, hiring global talent for your remote workplace can give you access to that diversity in so many forms — from the diversity of thought and ideas to the diversity of perspectives you can gain from hiring globally. This can not only lead to more well-rounded work, but a diversity of client reach and relationships. 

Lower Overhead Costs

This is one of the biggest benefits. Not only does a remote team allow for all of the benefits of acquiring a world-class team, but you also have the added bonus of saving money on all of the overhead costs associated with traditional office spaces. From the cost of keeping the lights on to the cost of office space and materials, allowing your employees to stay home can afford you the opportunity to keep a smaller physical office. 

While you may need to front the bill for some office supplies and tech, you’ll ultimately save lots of company funds in the long run. Plus, your employees will save money on things like gas and transportation, too.

Better Client Reach

When your employees are located all over the world, your clients will be, too. Your employees can practice outreach if that’s part of their jobs, and existing clients will also become more comfortable with your employees when working with a global perspective. This can increase communication skills in addition to more diverse expertise and knowledge base among your team.

This speaks to the importance of global workforces, as becoming an international company is a two-way street.

Attractive Training Programs

Another great advantage for your company and your employees is the ability to offer specific and targeted training programs that make the work more effective and competitive. This helps build company culture while allowing for growth in the workplace. This is beneficial both for the employees themselves and the company, as improvements in work skills can help employees in their future careers.

In fact, 76% of employees say a company would be more appealing if it offered additional skills training to its teams.

essential skills

Access to Top Industry Talent

One of the best reasons to go global with talent acquisition is the fact that you have your pick of the best industry talent. While local workplaces are limited to the selection available in their community, those restrictions don’t exist for global talent acquisition.

Flexible Support Structure

When you have a global company with employees working at different schedules in different time zones, you create a flexible support structure that functions at extended hours of the day.

This allows for better client communication, heightens productivity, and allows for more global outreach. Most local companies can’t have a round-the-clock support team, but this option allows for that flexibility without sacrificing employee work-life balance. In fact, it’s a natural symptom of that structure.

Global Talent and Remote Work

In a world where remote work is becoming the standard practice for talent acquisition and hiring, you can take full advantage of the array of world-class talent at your fingertips. From offering great training programs to reaching a more international client base, remote work could be the way of the future for your company.

This guest post was authored by Alyssa Abel

Alyssa Abel is a college and career writer who offers advice on strategies to success. Read more of her work on her blog, Syllabusy.