SYNOVA’s growth continues with new subsidiary in Germany

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The new production and distribution site in Rottweil, Baden-Württemberg, began the manufacture and sale of Laser MicroJet cutting systems in May

DUILLIER, Switzerland, June 23, 2021 – The Swiss company Synova, manufacturer of patented water jet guided laser cutting systems, has expanded its global branch network and founded a new subsidiary in the former Mikron Germany plant in Rottweil (BW). The factory is now producing CNC-controlled Laser MicroJet machines for the high-precision machining of materials such as metals, ceramics, diamonds or composites.

Synova Germany in Rottweil

Synova Germany in Rottweil

A micro-machining center (MMC) including a showroom for job shop production and sales activities will be added in September. The new MMC will offer laser processing services such as cutting jobs, application tests and machine demonstrations. Two Laser MicroJet (LMJ) systems will be available for this purpose: the LCS 303 laser cutting system for 2D machining of workpieces up to 300 x 300 mm in size and, as of November, the 5-axis laser machining center LCS 305 for 3D machining.

“The Rottweil site allows us to move closer to customers in the German market, Austria and the Benelux countries and to introduce them to the unique advantages of our water jet laser technology and its numerous application possibilities,” says Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, Synova Founder and CEO. “In addition, we are in the process of expanding our customer service on site to be able to best serve customers as quickly as possible,” adds Richerzhagen.

All Synova machines are based on the LMJ laser technology invented and patented by Synova that not only cools workpieces, but also efficiently washes away the removed material. The water jet maintains the laser’s focus creating a cylindrical laser beam that results in perfectly parallel walls and tight kerf widths. The LMJ process allows unprecedented quality and precision.

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Synova S.A., headquartered in Duillier, Switzerland, manufactures advanced laser cutting systems that incorporate its proprietary water jet guided laser technology (Laser MicroJet®) in a true industrial CNC platform. Customers benefit from significant yield and improved cutting quality as well as enhanced capabilities for precision machining a wide range of materials. For more information, visit our website at

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