Summary Sunday: What Does the New Normal Look Like?

Life is not back to normal yet.

We are still adjusting – we meaning employers, job seekers and workers.

What does the new normal look like?

What Does the New Normal Look Like?

For many, there’s the question of whether to go back to the office. That means commuting, child care, dry cleaning, packing lunch and many other habits we’ve forgotten over the past 15 months. In fact, for many, working in the office may not be worth the hassle, danger, or uncertainty.

In this week’s summary, I’ve featured articles that touch on:

  • The workplace (hybrid, remote or in person)
  • Career lessons and thinking about a pivot
  • Renaming the hidden job market
  • Smart tips for job boards
  • Pandemic interview questions


Should You Return to the Office? Do You Have a Choice? Here Are Some Questions to Ask to Help You Decide | Market Watch

There are many things to consider before making your decision. Andres Lares says:

it’s helpful to put pen to paper. Think about all the criteria that are impacting your decision. 


With high job turnover predicted, many professionals are planning to change jobs or make a career pivot.  How can they get ready to compete and secure the best role? | Adrienne Tom

5 Examples to Research Industry Disruption to Safeguard Your Career | Career Pivot

COVID-19 has disrupted just about every industry and if you expect to thrive into the future you will likely need to understand and then take advantage of that disruption.

What I Learned About Career Pivots From Being Laid Off (Three Times!) | The Muse

Being laid off can teach us many things. What have you learned that will change the way you manage your career moving forward?


Is it time to rename the hidden job market? | Dorothy Dalton

The “hidden job market” has been used traditionally to describe jobs which were not publicly advertised, dating probably from the pre-internet 1980s. This has become the go-too, short-cut term which in a digital age could be potentially misleading and is no longer relevant.

How to Navigate Job Boards Effectively | Teal

Don’t just rely on the big job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed. There are many niche job boards out there for various job functions, industries, and affinity groups.


5 Pandemic-Related Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer | Susan Peppercorn

In addition to the standard interview questions, recruiters and hiring managers have added. Pandemic-related questions to their portfolio including: [these 5 questions]

Can Recruiters Provide A Candidate With the Interviewer’s Email Address?

What do you do when a hiring manager doesn’t provide you with their email address after a job interview? Can the recruiter help?


Job Searching Tips with Career Sherpa Hannah Morgan | The Accidental Trainer by ATD

Thank you to Lisa Spinelli, ATD, for this conversation about what’s different about today’s job search and what people can do differently.