Summary Sunday: Things Are Looking Up for Hiring

For many, the job market is better and things are looking up for hiring.

While this is great news, you’ll want to be ready and anticipate changes in how you search for a job right now.

Summary Sunday Things Are Looking Up for Hiring

You, as a job seeker, do have power during the process – from how you take control of your search, to the questions you ask in the job interview.

And there are certain groups of people who face a more challenging job search. Older workers, new college graduates and women each face unique challenges. There is advice here for all of you.

One of the best things you can do to speed up your search is to understand what is changing and how to overcome obstacles. You can read about trends or if you prefer, listen to podcasts. And I’ve got that covered here too.

In this week’s summary, you’ll find helpful inspiring articles about:

  • Tips to job search differently (and more effectively)
  • LinkedIn fatigue is real and what you should know
  • Questions job seekers should ask during a job interview
  • Tips to overcome age bias
  • Podcasts for career advice
  • Trends and data for new grads and women reentering the workforce

This carefully curated collection of posts wouldn’t be possible without the strength of my network and connections! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful articles and generous sharing of ideas.


Work Your Job Search Differently…

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Here’s the deal!

Want your job search results to skyrocket? You need to get over this addiction!


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Age discrimination is a thing. But with a bit of strategy and proper positioning, you can overcome ageism challenges and set yourself up for executive career success.


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