Summary Sunday: Easing Out Of The Pandemic

As we ease out of the pandemic, what changes are happening in recruiting and in the workplace?

These are interesting times and we are all trying to adjust and adapt to the uncertainty of what comes next.

Summary Sunday Easing out of the Pandemic

This week’s summary features:

  • A cold outreach work-around
  • 7 ways to find executive recruiters
  • 3 ways to evaluate company culture
  • 5 Changes in recruiting
  • And several articles on workplace and career trends

It’s fascinating to see employers complain they can’t hire people right now. But what are they doing to entice hesitant workers back into the workplace?

Andrew Seaman, a LinkedIn editor, featured answers to why some businesses are struggling to find workers. You can read the post here.

My answer was:

I don’t think there’s an easy answer. But businesses can think about what they offer employees besides a paycheck (and putting a sign up in their window).
Safe working conditions
Enjoyable working conditions
Perks (child care)
Health insurance
Flexible work schedules
Livable wages

If companies really want to hire people, they are going to have to do more to attract them right now. That means they have a good reputation, good leadership, fair pay, and treat their employees well. How many companies do this all well?

Keep in mind, that whatever job you take next may not last forever. In fact, it probably won’t. So make the best decision for yourself right now and then you can make a change if you need to.


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