Job Search Coaching Success Stories

I appreciate job search coaching success stories because for many people, a job search is frustrating and demoralizing. During a job search, everything can change for the better after one conversation or connection, so a big part of job search coaching is encouraging job seekers not to give up.

Job search coaching provides emotional support and practical skills training in strategy, interview preparation, and salary negotiation.

Enjoy these success stories.

“Once we determined the right direction, Donna helped me update my resume and cover letter, and develop an elevator speech. She then helped me develop an entirely new approach to seeking a new job, which included using LinkedIn and reaching out to old colleagues. Using LinkedIn for professional networking allowed me to reconnect with a former co-worker who had an open position to fill. Working with Donna effectively doubled my salary and gave me entry back into a career that is as exciting as it is fulfilling.” – Randall Grimm, IT Specialist, recommending Donna Schilder

“I met Helen through my many attempts at finding employment that was suitable to my education, my life goals and a desire to work at a world-renowned company that my parents would recognize. Helen’s feedback was GOLD. Helen has an exceptional ability to quickly analyze a client and focus on the areas that need developing in order to be successful. I would still be struggling career wise, were it not for Helen’s sage advice and adept skills in career counseling.” – K.S., recommending Helen Godfrey

“I worked with Kristen on and off for 6 months. In that time, Kristen helped me focus on what exactly I wanted to do next in my career. She also helped streamline my personal brand marketing platforms to reflect my aspirations. We concluded that consulting or owning my own business again was the way forward.” – Gloria Zamora, Consultant, recommending Kristen Fife

Do you have a job search success story to share? If so, please contact me.

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