How to Apply for Internship – Top Tips

Applying for internships can initially be a challenging job. Place applications ask for a lot of information about you and it can be difficult to find out how to portray yourself specifically in the best possible light. The time you spend on your internships will immerse you in the industry’s day-to-day life, grow your hard and soft skills, and strengthen your skills. Thus, answering the question of how to apply for internships is very important.

Initial steps

To begin with, you will need a resume and a cover letter, since these are the two most popular demands that prospective employers will make of you as you fill out their applications, and they will look for the two most important items to decide whether you are a good candidate for the role you are fighting for.

If you’ve never created a resume before, looking at models for resumes online is one thing you can do to get started. Try to think about your skills and field of study as you look at templates and how a given template could highlight the best aspects of you.

Your cover letter is a little different from your resume. As when your application is filled out, you will have to make regular edits to make sure it is precisely tailored to each role you are applying for. These two are the basis for answering how to apply for internships. Write about your experience and talents, clarify why you want this role, and share your excitement.

After this comes the interview and we all are aware of the question which is famous in all interviews, that is, how to answer why should you be hired for this internship? Don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll be halfway ready in landing with your dream internship. Yeah, this question is way tougher than how to apply for internships.

How do I apply for an internship in India?

You will get the answer of how to apply for internships in the following points:

  1. Don’t wait too long before applying

Students from high school, college students, and recent graduates are all actively searching for internships and applying, so get started today. Start sending in materials around June or July if you are applying for fall internships. You should be searching in October or November if you are applying for a spring internship.

And if you want a summer internship, you can start searching in October of the year before (just to ensure that there are no super early deadlines for the business you are interested in). There are also very early summer deadlines for bigger businesses. Mid-sized firms typically have deadlines for either February, March, or April. This may seem like a prerequisite but it is one of the main steps on how to apply for internships.

However, there are companies like Chegg that offer students internships whenever there is a vacancy. Chegg is a platform of e-learning, there are many career opportunities like analytics, business management, content writing and many more. Chegg is also hiring subject matter experts across all subjects with an income of 20000 INR – 50000 INR on monthly basis.

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  1. Make a reader-friendly application

Your resume should be easy to read, and it should not look messy or busy. Make sure your name is centred at the top and done in a font that is big enough, but not too big, to stand out. Add your home address, email address and contact numbers below your name. Then, go through the resume body and submit your job experience, which may include any volunteer projects that you might have been working on.

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  1. Target your CV

You are obviously searching for an internship that goes along with what you are doing. So, in that area, make sure that you target your resume. For example, your resume should reflect this if you are a hospitality student interested in working in event management. You stand a lot better chance of having the internship that you want when you have a targeted resume. Employers can see that you know exactly what you want, and that they are searching for the skills you have. What’s more on how to apply for internships? Keep reading.

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  1. Highlight your talents

Make sure they are included on your internship resume if you have any unique skills that will help you with the internship you are applying for. For example, if you are looking at an internship where you are interacting with individuals from several different countries, and you know how to speak more than one language, you need to add this. Make sure you use your talents to your advantage at all times.

  1. Discuss your childhood

Since this is an internship, it will be focused on your education. Build a chapter called ‘Academic Experience’ and address inside it what program you are studying at Les Roches, when you began and when you plan to graduate, and any special honours you have achieved. Refer also to any extracurricular duties you have done or responsibilities you have held during your school time. This could be as a Student Ambassador or working to host an event with a campus committee or club. If you have completed some short courses in Professional Development, provide information in this section. This point may seem a little extra to you but it is one of the best tips on how to apply for internships.

  1. List hobbies of yours

Listing some of your outside interests is always good. Employers can see you’re a well-rounded person by doing this. Not only that, but they can gauge whether or not these hobbies can translate into appropriate workplace skills if the preferences chime with other workers on their team. For example, if you’re enthusiastic about marketing, and you apply to work in that specific department at a hotel or hospitality company, because of this interest, they might be more interested in your application. The next points are neglected by many, but they are very important if you want a complete answer for how to apply for internships.

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  1. Avoid generic substances

The number one issue with internship applicants is submitting the same resume and cover letter for every single position in generic materials. For the position and the organization, you must customize your materials. There’s an issue if every resume and cover letter you send is the same. When they look at a paper you’ve sent to 15 other locations, businesses can easily say.

Also, if you are applying for an internship, a part-time position or a full-time job, it is always crucial that you have a final, detailed review of your resume or application. It is your last chance to make sure that before it’s sent to your prospective future boss, there are absolutely no errors. These are frequently made by applicants even after knowing how to apply for internships.

  1. Do not only restrict yourself to a handful of internships.

Note, there are more competitive internships than ever before. There’s a pretty good chance you won’t land one if you just apply for a handful of opportunities. Apply for at least 10 to 20 internships every two to three weeks to make sure that you land something. You can avoid applying vigorously if you hear back from a couple and land interviews, but note that you want to make sure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Now you know that only knowing how to apply for internships won’t help you to get your dream internship.

  1. Precisely obey Business Guidelines

The first impression that you give to an employer is your application. That first impression won’t be very good if you don’t follow directions. You could end up being put in the “no” pile by not following the clear guidelines of a company, even though you have all of the credentials the company is looking for. Make sure to carefully read through their requested procedure. Thus, you should be very thorough with the guidelines even if you know how to apply for internships.

  1. Be passionate about the interview

An employer shouldn’t have to wonder after an interview if you really want the job. Make sure you make it very clear that you want the role. Also, that to win the position you will do whatever you need. An employer needs to recruit someone they know is going to enjoy and appreciate the job, so make sure that in the interview comes through. This last point very important and one of the main points on how to apply for internships. Read more to know how to answer why should you be hired for this internship?

How to answer why should you be hired for this internship?

This is the most asked question in an interview and is one of the most googled question apart from how to apply for an internship. Here’s the answer:

  1. Show that you have relevant skills and experience

You never know what other applicants are proposing to the organization. But you know that you emphasize the key skills, abilities, talents, work experience and professional accomplishments. These are important in doing great things in this role.

  1. Emphasize that you’re going to blend in and be a fantastic asset to the team

Show the interviewer that you have important personal and professional qualities that make the team a perfect addition to you. Departments and their personnel differ widely at larger corporations. People in marketing are different from IT specialists. Identify the atmosphere of the organization. The signature characteristics of the department and tell the interviewer how you’ll fit in.

  1. Describe how you can make their lives easier and help them accomplish more by recruiting you

Determine what challenges they have had so far, what new concerns or priorities they have now, and how they can be useful for your unique skills and experience. To research their roadmap and history, scour the company’s website and social media platforms. Google their connections to the media and case studies. Re-read the work ad for which you have applied. To direct your response, use this material.

  1. Show enthusiasm for the performance of tasks required, not just the ability

Your application lets them know that you’re prepared to do the job. Calling for an interview means that they think you’re competent. In addition to showcasing your talents and experience, show them your excitement. Demonstrate that you will have a positive attitude towards your assignments. A broad smile will never replace professional credentials, but don’t go overboard.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

For both yourself and your prospective employer, be honest. When you cheat, you won’t make it far. Recruiters also ask questions about the follow-up to verify whether you are compatible with what is there on your resume.


That’s it, you have the best answer for the question on how to apply for internships and now you are all set without, even spending nights to search on “how to answer why should you be hired for this internship?” If you’ve done it so far, the employer thinks you might have what it takes to be their intern, so this final move is really just a matter of demonstrating to them what they already know based on your request. Do that, and before you know it, you will find yourself having an internship position.