Franchising Decision Tools, Insights to Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile & Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Have you considered a career as a franchisee?  Recently a client’s Soul Search revealed she’d make a great business owner but she had no interest in coming up with her own concept.  In her ideal day, she saw herself successfully running an existing business and making a great living.  The idea of franchising came to mind as a possibility.  But how was she to effectively research when there were pages and pages of information online?

Enter my guest this month, Harris Gubin, Franchise Coach.  Harris shares:

  • what it takes to decide if franchising is right for you,
  • industries and types of franchises available, and
  • the key questions to ask yourself before considering a franchise.

Since I met Harris via LinkedIn, I thought it only fitting to include a tip on how to elevate your LinkedIn profile and get noticed for work you love!

Also included this month are unique holiday gift ideas to help those on your list do work they love and get inspired to stay adventurous!

Resources included in this episode:

Thank you tuning in and happy holidays!

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