Five IT courses that will get you hired

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If you’re obsessed with tech and are desperate to do it for a day job, becoming IT certified could be your key to career happiness. However, with a number of courses and qualifications out there, it’s all too easy to suffer from IT overload, making it difficult to detect the right one for you.

To help inform your decision, here’s our guide to five career-changing IT courses you could be doing right now:

So you want to become a Graphic Designer…

For any aspiring Graphic Designer worth their salt, an in-depth knowledge of Adobe software is absolutely essential.

This Complete Adobe® Web and Graphic Design Master Package includes 154 Adobe courses, covering popular programmes like Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and much more.

Once qualified, you’ll be able to apply for Web Design and Graphic Design jobs, with the potential to get paid over £20,000 for even some of the most junior positions.

At the very least, you’ll be able to make your holiday pictures look a hundred times better, whilst simultaneously proving to your secondary-school-self that doodling all day actually isn’t that bad. It’s basically a win-win situation.

How long it will last: Around 286 hours, with 12 months access to the course content, so you can study at a pace that suits you.

How much it will cost: £79.

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How to become a Graphic Designer

So you want to work in Networking…

With over 30 years’ experience in the field, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA for short, obviously) is a global provider of IT certifications.

This incredibly popular CompTIA library includes 10 CompTIA industry recognised certifications, providing all the fundamental knowledge needed to start setting up and troubleshooting your own networks.

Still not convinced networking is for you? Just think of it this way. Without it, there would be no printers, no work or school computer systems, and no internet.

Remember that the next time you’re desperately trying to print out that hilarious meme to stick on the office fridge.

How long it will last: Approximately 205 hours, studied at your own pace, with 12 month access to course materials.

How much it will cost: £499.

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So you want to work in Security…

In an increasingly digital-led world, network security is a cause of concern for many. If you’re one of those worried about where your data’s ending up, this Complete Cisco Bundle with 6 Exams (CCNA, CCDA, CCNP) could be for you.

Cisco Systems is a worldwide leader in the field of networking, who aim to transform how people connect, communicate, engage and co-operate with each other. Getting qualified will help you build upon your knowledge of developing a security infrastructure, recognising network vulnerabilities, mitigating security threats and other high-level security-type things.

And aside from strengthening the security of your own networks, the advantages of becoming Cisco certified include being more in-demand for employers all over the world, and the potential to earn as much as 10% more than your Cisco-less peers.

So if you think you can hack it, enquire about a Cisco certification today. Or, if you think you can’t hack it. Wait…If you can hack it, but don’t want other people to…

Forget it.

How long it will last: Around 179 hours of online, part-time study, with 12 month course access.

How much it will cost: £1,595.

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So you want to be a Web Designer…

If you build it, they will come. Well, if you build it properly, that is.

Whether you’re a small business owner, write your own blog, or just want to top up your tech skills and open your career opportunities, web design could be for you. And whilst there are a great number of courses out there to cater for the next generation of Designers, not many top CIW.

Teaching key design concepts, as well as web design basics such as HTML and website development, what really sets this CIW Web Foundations Associate course apart is all the added extras. Everything from movies and course review questions, to exercises and flashcards are available on demand.

How long it will last: 6 months, taken at your own pace.

How much it will cost: £525.

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How to become a Web Designer

So you want to become a Web Developer…

Interested in developing your own website? We can help with that.

This Microsoft Technology Associate: Web Developer course is aimed at anyone looking to build on their development skills, by learning an array of coding languages certified by Microsoft.

Teaching web design essentials, an introduction to Bootstrap, how to develop windows-based web applications, alongside popular coding languages like Python, JavaScript, and HTML5, MCSD is a great way to validate your knowledge and coding skills.

Once fully qualified, you’ll be able to code with added confidence, and even start developing your own Windows apps. Your Android might never be the same again…

How long it will last: 25 days, online and at your own pace.

How much it will cost: Price is available on enquiry.

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How to become a Web Developer

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