COVID-19 Series: How to Find a Remote Job

How to Find a Remote Job

Two things are certain during the fight against COVID-19: (1) Many people will want to know how to find a remote job, and (2) More employers will become accepting of remote employment.

During a pandemic like COVID-19, the more people who work from home, the slower the rate of infection. Even when the health risks have resolved, many employers will realize during this massive workplace experiment that working from home can increase productivity, attract employees who value workplace flexibility, and decrease costs.

I’m starting a series of articles about topics helpful during COVID-19. This first one is how to find a remote job.

Some of the same principles apply to a remote job search as any other job search:

  • A specific job focus usually makes a candidate more marketable.
  • Finding a connection to refer you greatly increases your odds of landing the job.
  • Employers want to know specifically what you can contribute to their organization, not just that you prefer remote employment.

Some job search sites specialize exclusively in remote employment and some have a broader focus but allow to search specifically for remote jobs. Here is a list of websites where you can search for free for remote employment (some of them do require you to create an account):

Free Remote Job Search Sites





Dynamite Jobs



Home With The Kids

HubStaff Talent






Remote OK

Remote Tech Jobs 


Remotely People



Ruby Now 

Stack Overflow

The Penny Hoarder 

We Work Remotely


Working Nomads

Fee-Based Remote Job Search Sites

In addition to these free sites, two of the most well-known fee-based sites are FlexJobs and VirtualVocations. Their monthly fees are reasonable and as of March, 2020, both are running COVID-19 sales. (These are not affiliate links and I have no business relationship with these companies.) Paying for sites like these can makes sense if you have more money than time to research job leads. If budget is a primary consideration, then stick with free sites, although landing a job sooner can be a good return on the investment of paying for research.

Freelance Work Sites





If you know of other good remote job search sites, please send suggestions to me. I promise to read and evaluate each submission, but I will not respond to emails inquiring about status.

I wish you all continued health during this challenging time.

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