Apprenticeships for changing careers

It’s never too late to switch careers with an apprenticeship.

What comes to mind when you think of apprenticeships? Images of hard hats and work boots?  Thoughts of young adults on construction sites getting their hands dirty and learning their trade?

That’s not surprising. For decades, apprenticeships have been the lifeblood of the construction industry. A vital entry system, apprenticeships bring fresh talent into our industries and keep our country building.

But things are changing. Apprenticeships are evolving – and so are the people embracing them. The next generation of apprenticeships are focusing on the professional roles that will define the future of work. And they’re perfect for people looking to switch up their careers – no matter their age or how many years of working experience they have.

We spoke to Multiverse, one of the UK’s leading apprenticeship platforms, to find out more. 


With change comes opportunity

With technology and automation transforming the way we live and work, a number of today’s jobs simply won’t exist in 10 years’ time. 

This may sound quite scary, but it doesn’t have to be. These same technological advances are opening up amazing jobs and fulfilling careers for those open to change. In the UK, the fastest areas for reskilling are software engineering, data analytics and digital marketing. These sectors continued to grow during the pandemic, and show no signs of slowing down as we start to navigate our new ways of working. 

Making sure there is the right talent with the right skills to fill these roles is vital for everyone. At the moment, this isn’t the case.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Seven reasons you should start an apprenticeship


Closing skills gaps, opening up opportunities

That’s where professional apprenticeships come in. 

Focused on the in-demand tech and digital skills companies are crying out for, professional apprenticeships give you the power to rewrite your future – at any stage of your career. Led by startups like Multiverse, these apprenticeships close skills gaps and open up opportunities at the same time.

Now operating on both sides of the Atlantic, Multiverse transforms careers through tech-driven apprenticeships in data, software engineering, digital marketing, project management and business leadership. Open to all career levels, Multiverse places apprentices at some of the world’s most dynamic companies – including KPMG, Fujitsu, Santander and Citi. 

How does a professional apprenticeship with Multiverse work?

Basically, a professional apprenticeship is a 12+ month learning experience focused on developing the skills that will define the jobs of tomorrow. Apprentices are fully employed from day one and earn while they learn – at no cost to the individual.

A full member of the team from the off, apprentices start applying and honing their new skills right away. This day-to-day work is complemented by 20% off-the-job training following a cutting-edge curriculum. There’s support too. All apprentices are guided by their own ex-industry coach and can grow their network as part of a vibrant apprentice community.

What’s it like to complete an apprenticeship with Multiverse? 

Bibi Nubir couldn’t go to university, so she started her career in tutoring and personal development. With a drive to progress in the youth organisation sector, she used an apprenticeship to develop new skills in accounting.

Bibi said: “I had dreams of going to university and becoming a math teacher, however, I found out when applying for university that I would be considered an international student, and this made it too expensive for me. I was absolutely devastated. I then decided to join a youth organisation called B Young Stars to help and support the young people with education (tutoring Maths and English), sports and personal development. Two years later, I started to manage the B Young Stars. However, in order for me to progress and gain experiences I decided to join Multiverse and do an apprenticeship in accounting.

“I’m now really happy this happened as I consider being an apprentice a win-win situation. I have been able to develop my knowledge of accounting, successfully completing my AAT Level 3 with the opportunity to complete AAT Level 4 with Multiverse; and using my skills to help the Youth Organisation achieve its goals and objectives.”


Be part of the digital future

It’s time to shift the thinking around apprenticeships. No longer reserved for those just starting out, you can now take control of your future at any stage of your career.

Open to all career levels and backgrounds, professional apprenticeships are an opportunity to learn new skills, future proof your career, and land one of the many data, tech and digital roles waiting to be filled.

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