5 Ways Varsity Tutors is Changing Lives And You Can Too

Varsity Tutors, one of the nation’s largest platforms for live online tutoring, has a simple mission – to help people learn. When the Covid-19 pandemic posed unforeseen learning challenges, Varsity Tutors adapted quickly to accommodate students and their families. Despite these unique circumstances, Varsity Tutors was able to provide innovative solutions to support more learners than ever before.   

To find out  more about how Varsity Tutors is making a difference in people’s lives, we spoke with Meredith Yeager, Manager of Tutor Engagement. Here’s what she had to say. 

1) Free Resources 

One of the ways Varsity Tutors has supported students and their families amidst the pandemic is through free online resources ranging from Virtual School Day to Test Prep For All. Even in a pre-Covid era, Meredith explained that Varsity Tutors has been offering free SAT and ACT test prep courses for students, which helps  level the playing field when it comes to standardized tests. 

Once the world shut down, “We created a whole sweep of free classes to help bridge the learning gap for students and to support parents working from home,” said Meredith. These courses expanded far beyond academic content to include a wide variety of extracurricular and niche courses that students could explore. Varsity Tutors continues to offer many free courses for students to choose from, ranging from a “Wellness & Happiness Class” to “Origami for Beginners”. No matter where students’ interests lie, there’s a course for them on Varsity Tutors free of charge.

Sra, a parent who needed support during the pandemic, witnessed first-hand that these wide-ranging courses were able to keep her children entertained during an isolating time. “My kids took full advantage of this over the summer and had full schedules of a variety of courses, and the facilitators were always great. I sat through some random courses and truly they went beyond my expectations,” said Sra.

2) Homeschooling 

With nationwide school closures, some parents turned to homeschooling during 2020. Varsity Tutor utilized and improved their existing School@Home platform to support them. School@Home offers parents the benefits of homeschooling, without all of the headaches. Tutors help students navigate their coursework at their own pace, and give parents weekly updates to ensure students stay on track. 

Through Varsity Tutors’ courses, students are able to join small, virtual classes where they can interact with peers and educators in real-time. Through the Varsity Tutors’ Learning Lab, students, parents, and their tutors can all monitor  progress and set goals through the use of adaptive learning assessments.

After working with Varsity Tutors for 11 months, one of the educators shared their experience teaching in the School@Home Program. “I have seen nothing but growth orientation while working with this company. The timing was perfect (what with COVID-19) and this job allowed me to stay safe at home and work,” said the tutor.  

3) Career Advancement 

Varsity Tutors’ commitment to education extends far beyond the academic subjects of K-12 grade schooling. People utilize the tutoring services far beyond high school and college graduation. Varsity Tutors is also a great resource for those interested in advancing their careers through professional certification exams.

Meredith explained that Varsity Tutors has a professional certifications team that recruits specialized tutors for students interested in advancing their careers or breaking into new roles. She shared a story about one of the Varsity Tutors’ employees who utilized the service to learn full-stack development and transition into the tech department.

Another student who utilized Varsity Tutors for career development was Robyn S., who shared, “I found Varsity Tutors while looking for a job. I figured I would pursue them to help me study for my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) exam. What a great find! My tutor Alexander is so knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely consider them if you need help with an exam.”

Varsity Tutors educators can make a difference, not only in someone’s education but in the trajectory of their careers. Being able to make an impact and educate others is one of the many rewarding parts of working with Varsity Tutors. 

4) Finding Solutions For Unique Problems

When students submit a request for a tutor, the placement team jumps into action to fulfill the request – no matter how unique. Over the years, Varsity Tutors has helped students  navigate dating websites, study for citizenship exams, and has even matched small business owners and entrepreneurs with tutors to help them launch their ideas into reality. 

With unexpected requests keeping the Varsity Tutors team on their toes, it’s no surprise that Varsity Tutors is always on the lookout for a vast and diverse array of educators. Meredith explained that her team needs tutors from all walks of life and that if you have a unique skill, there’s likely someone out there who would love to learn from you. 

When asked what makes a good tutor, Meredith explained, “Our tutors are so diverse! This is a hard question because a good tutor can look like a million different things. I think one thing that’s a universal thread is that a good tutor sees themselves as a lifetime learner.” If you consider yourself a lifelong learner and want to help others, Varsity Tutors could be the perfect fit for you. 

5) Flexible Careers For Tutors 

Not only is Varsity Tutors an amazing resource for students, but it’s also a great place to work. Since all of Varsity Tutors’ offerings are remote, it’s easy to pair qualified experts across the nation with students who need support. Just as there is no one type of student, Varsity Tutors’ educators have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Two tutors shared what their experience has been so far on the team. 

“I enjoy working for Varsity Tutors due to the flexibility, management support, and workload. You can accept or reject opportunities based on your availability and skill level. Numerous opportunities are available for all age/grade levels,” said one tutor.

“Varsity Tutors is a job you can have on the side while in school or with another job, it’s very flexible. All of the staff are super kind to work with, and I’ve had no problems working with the kids I’ve tutored so far,” shared another tutor. If you’re a recent graduate, Varsity Tutors may just be the perfect place to start your career. No matter what area you specialize in, there’s a place for you at Varsity Tutors. “If you have a skill that you’re passionate about, and you like sharing it with others you should be a tutor. It’s as simple as that,” said Meredith. To learn more about Varsity Tutors’ current openings, click here.